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 WELCOME TO TOUCHSTONE ACRES -- Breeders of Lipizzan Dressage Horses and Quarter Horses for Reining

Our farm in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, an hour from Washington Dulles airport, is for sale!  We will be relocating to NC.  Contact us if you are interested in a 51 acre turnkey facility.  See our Shutterfly site for a full description and picture albums. Email through the Contct page FMI.

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    • Smart Dual Chic was Reserve Champion at the CORHA how the weekend of 7/7-9 in Findlay, OH.
    •  Keepawaye was 2nd in a jumper show 7/1
    •  Maestoso Takoma and 280 Betalka V have sold and gone to their new  homes. 


Dollywood Jac

Touchstone Acres



Aerial picture of Touchstone Acres

Touchstone Acres is home to Lipizzan horses, a "threatened" livestock breed, according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and AQHA/FQHA reining horses.  We have also bred Suffolk and Jacob sheep.

Touchstone Acres is situated on 51 acres of prime farmland in the beautiful northern Shenandoah Valley. The gently rolling terrain is perfect for Lipizzan horse grazing. Our pastures have been renovated with timothy, orchard and blue grass to provide the ideal forage for our Lipizzan broodmares, foals and riding horses. Foal- safe fencing, shelters and heated water troughs complete the idyllic horse haven. We live onsite in the 1800s original farm house.

We breed and sell Lipizzans and occasionally Foundation Quarter Horses who excel at reining and/or cow work.  We have also bred Suffolk and Jacob sheep.

We offer a safe, friendly atmosphere and encourage continual learning of horse and rider. Horse health and nurturing good horsemanship are top priorities.

Pictured below is Neapolitano Samira VI, a Lipizzan stallion imported in utero from Lipica in Slovenia.  His sire is an elite Lipizzan stallion at the Lipica Stud Farm.

We offer products we find useful for Lipizzan horses:

Duett Saddles:  Perfect for wide horses like Lipizzans, Arabians, Morgans, draft crosses--but also available in normal widths for any horse.  We have several models on hand for you to see and ride in.

Below:  mares and foals enjoying spring time


The "odometer" has rolled rolled several times-- we have had over 60,000 visitors!


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