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August 2015

I am happy to tell you that Apple is at a wonderful ranch and is doing great. Kelly made sure she stays in the family. Twice a year or more we compete in cattle sorting events which she seems to enjoy. We are the odd couple, the German and the Lipizzaner sorting cattle:). Other then that the owners of the ranch are pretty successful in reining, which I compare a lot to dressage. I have been sneaking in lessons from them and Apple proves to be a good learner (I hope she thinks the same way of me!!). If you ever end up being in WI please stop by for a visit with Apple and me.

Thanks for bringing Apple to the US and if you need any more pictures feel free to contact me.

Lisa and Apple

January 2015

Hi Kathleen,

Happy New Year to you and yours!
I'm sitting at the window watching Katie grazing outside in the sunshine. I brought her to a lesson I had with a trainer that comes up from Florida. We did long lining and the instructor was very impressed with Katie.
Hope all is well-

July 2014

Katie is doing very well. She has integrated well with the herd and has lost most of the extra pounds!
The trainer's name is Anne Councill and she also judges driving competitions.
Everyone is very impressed with Katie- they just stare at her when she goes into her lofty and floating trot!
I saw that there is something called the Baroque Games in Lexington, Va. Have you been to this and is it worth going to?


July 2014

Lola is doing great. I really love her. I have been at the beach for the last two weeks and miss riding her. I'm looking forward to getting back to her. I will not be taking her to the clinic. Her trainer/my instructor will be having camp next week and is taking Lola so he can continue working with her and I will be going to the camp for a lesson or two while she is there. She really seems to love him and is very happy at the barn where I board her. Also, things are going so well with her that I do not want to introduce a new element at this point.


June 2013

Hi Kathleen,

Ana and I competed in our second show today. She was awesome! We scored 75.938% in Intro A, and 75.625% in Intro B. We placed first in both.

We might attempt Intro C and Training 1 next time.

Ana is coming along beautifully! She is so smart and so sweet. Harper has been teaching her tricks. Ana can smile and hug and they are working on the Spanish walk. We all adore her.

I hope everything is going well up there.



May 2013

I would like to bring Fihna by sometime so you can see how he has GROWN - wow! He is magnificent. I am so VERY happy. We are going to ROCK it together!!! He has a tremendous work ethic - he's like a little machine! And he is great on the trails and through water. He is the best horse I have ever had. Thank you for raising him!

It has been awhile since I was in touch with updated images and information about Kansas [Favory Altamira] and I.  I thought you would be interested in seeing and hearing about him!  ... We had a very snowy and icy winter, so we spent much of the time training in the indoor... one of the two horse shows we did last summer. We did very well that day, scoring in the low to mid 60’s earning a second and a third. The other horse show was more successful...We were high point of the day with a score of 68.9% at Training Level 3 and got a second place at First level 1 with a score of 63%.. So far, Kansas has earned high point at two different shows…not bad for only having shown him 3 times!

Anyway, this summer I plan to do a few schooling shows as well. We will do First Level 3 and Second Level 1.

I continue to take weekly lessons with my instructor, Leslie de Grandmaison and monthly lessons with Karl Mikolka. I love the training aspect of dressage and not so much the showing, so I really look forward to my lessons.


Hi Kathleen,

Altamira (barn name "Lola") is a great hit with everyone. She is settling in very well, has found a pasture mate, and seems to be very contented. Kathi thinks she is a great horse, and just right for me. Everyone told me that eventually I would find the right horse, and she seems to be it. I am building a bond and partnership with her, grooming her, doing ground work with her, and taking my riding lessons with her. I really love her. She is my horse for a lifetime. Thank you so much for selling her to me at a price I could afford. You can be sure that she is well-loved and cared for. ...One of Kathi's students also rides her so she will have plenty of opportunity to be ridden. The student will also ride her in Erik Herbermann's clinic in September since I am not ready for that yet. I am planning to ride her in one of Erik's clinics in the spring...Thank you again for making this wonderful horse an important part of my life.



Merry Christmas from Sharon and Apple!
Apple is wonderful and resides with Pocahontas and 3 mares. Apple is an awesome part of my life. She is quite perfect! I will catch up with you soon. I went through some major changes in my life and Apple has been a big part of those changes...I LOVE HER!
Thanks for the card!

Hello Kathleen,

I am on cloud nine!
Yesterday, I took Kansas to his first show. It was a schooling show, but it was very well attended.
Also, it was my first show in 5 years, so needless to say I was a bit excited.
We did remarkably well. We placed third in Training Level Test 1 with a score of 60% and FIRST in Training Level Test 3 ( there were 10 riders in this class) with a score of 67%!
Also, the 67% earned us high score of the day at Training Level and Champion in that division of the DAY!!
The judge’s comments were very complimentary of us... a harmonious, talented pair!
Kansas is doing great and I hope to do a couple more schooling show this year.
I will keep you posted!