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Neapolitano Altamira is a special colt for us.  His sire is Neapolitano Amiata, an Italian Lipizzan imported by Polly Du Pont.  His sire passed away a few years ago but had some frozen semen stored.  Our Altamira produced this lovely colt  May 17, 2009.  He is one of only two purebred Lipizzans by Neapolitano Amiata.  He is a breeding stallion.

*** Nakai  offers frozen semen.***

His barn name is "Nakai" after Carlos Nakai, Native American Grammy Award winning flute player.

Nakai showed 2014 at TL3, is schooling 1st level, and showed Intro in 2013 when he was first in Into A and third in Intro B.  He also participated in the Christian Bachinger clinic in July 2013.

N. Altamira Top Pedigree

N. Altamira Bottom Pedigree


2012 Photos by Onawa Rock

April 2011 Photos by Onawa Rock:

His sire, Neapolitano Amiata, in Italy