Touchstone Acres Lipizzan & QH Breeding and Sales

Our Lipizzans have enjoyed several companion animals. 

RIP barn kitty Keme, April 2009 - 2011.  A pastel calico, Keme (Algonquin for Secret) visited our Lipizzans in their pastures.  She often sats on fence posts and communed with the horses.  Hunting was beneath her.  Riding on the dash of the Gator is her her kind of fun.

RIP Koko, April 2009-10/14/10.  Koko is Blackfoot for Night.   Koko was the hutner, keeping  Touchtone Acres relatively free of varmints.

The newest canine member of our farm family is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Gayheart's Miss Marple.  She was born 5/22/08.  Miss Marple is attending puppy classes at Mason Dixon Kennel Club.  She competed in their match 2/28/09 and was BOB.  A herding dog, we don't allow Miss Marple unfettered access to the Lipizzans in their pastures.

Our Bouvier Des Flandres was born July 29, 2004. He got his Chamionship by 18 months of age.  He also completed his Herding Capability Test.  Ch. Frog Hollow's True Baloo, HCT is now taking obedience training classes at Mason Dixon Kennel Club.

Also a herding dog, Baloo is not allowed to run free  among hte Lipizzan horses.  He did once kiss alpha mare Takoma on the lips though.   The queen Lipizzan was astounded but did not protest.

RIP Sir Lancelot, 1998-2013.  Our Australian Shepherd Lancelot came from the Frederick MD humane society in 1999. We adopted him June 8, 1999 when he was about a year old.  Lance is ILP registered withe the AKC.  At 12 his favorite job is sleeping.  However he does occasionally chase balls and stuffed toys with Miss Marple.   He is much more interested in our sheep than out Lipizzan horses.

Willow, 1999-9/30/2009

Our barn cat Willow was adopted from the Jefferson County humane society in 2000. She passed away 9/30/09.  Willow was a special friend of our Lipizzan Maestoso Samira XXI.  She at o his fence post or water trough and keep the Lipizzan company.


Then there are the resident foxes of Touchstone Acres.