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We would be happy to assist you with fitting a Duett saddle to your horse. Our wide-backed Lipizzans love their Duett dressage saddles.  Duetts are especially good for wide horses, and are moderately priced. Arabians and Morgans find these saddles comfortable as well, as do Haflingers and any broad low withered horse. 

(Content taken from Duett Saddles' web site. All errors are mine. We can conform features art time of order)


Duett saddles are reasonably priced, well designed and crafted.  The saddles are made in England with top quality craftsmanship and details, excellent leather (smooth bridle or grained).  The wider trees on these saddles are uniquely designed to fit wide low-withered horses like no other saddle made - but, we offer them for medium width horses, also!




The Fidelio is our fabulous new model, featuring:

  • Deep & soft seat
  • Long Billeting system with sliding ring
  • Best quality leather
  • Velcro knee blocks
  • Heat molded knee pad shaped over block
  • Gusseted, wool flocked panels
  • Upswept panels available for shorter backs

The Fidelio is a comfortable, beautiful saddle at an amazing price. We invite you to try it--you won't believe what we are offering!  This saddle puts you in exactly the right position to use your seat bones in dressage.  It is also extremely comfortable--no need to suffer while training dressage!  

Seat sizes: 17"-19",

Tree widths: from 32 to 38 cm.

$2650 in 2021, +$100 for 19"


The Encore dressage saddle allows you to feel the horse underneath and gives you great freedom. If you don’t like being held immoveable in the saddle, this one is for you! The Encore is very comfortable and easy to break in. It is an elegant model for the conventional dressage rider with an eye for style, for the close contact dressage enthusiast and a good choice for trail riders too, in my opinion. Its features are:

  • High quality smooth leather on the flaps
  • Smooth knee pads (see suede pads in Trail category)
  • Black nubuck leather seat for superior stability and grip
  • Removable knee blocks for those who want the closest contact

The saddle is designed so that when you remove the block, another piece of shaped leather covers the velcro area completely, keeping it free of horsehair.  This lovely saddle fits  wide backed horses well but also in a 32 fits my Thoroughbred filly.   As long as the withers aren't exceedingly large  it can fit many breeds and widths.

The Encore is available in:

Seat sizes: 17.5", 18", 19" and now 20"

Tree widths: 32, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 cm

$2200 in 2021, +$1`00 for 19"

Mihko in a Fidelio


The Harmony monoflap dressage saddle is built on our popular and wonderfully comfortable Fidelio tree.  This saddle offers the close contact of a monoflap, but without the problems created by saddles with exterior blocks (which may not fit your leg position).  Here, we’ve designed something special:  a block which tucks into the knee pad, which is fashioned like a pocket with a front opening.  You can remove this block entirely or substitute a smaller block.  We’ve included pictures to show you how the block comes in and out.  Features of this saddle:

  • Deep and soft seat, like our Fidelio
  • Narrower twist, like Fidelio
  • Single flap design for close contact feel
  • High quality leather
  • Gusseted, flocked panels like our other saddles
  • Generous channel, as with all our saddles
For seat sizes 19″ and larger add $100




The Rondo is a favorite all purpose saddle. As with all Duetts, the seat is superbly comfortable. The Rondo allows you to forget about the saddle underneath you ... it has no hard edges, no uncomfortable pommel, and it has a wide platform to sit on! The minute you get into it, you'll feel right at home.


  • Smooth, elegant, upgraded bridle leather on flaps
  • Smooth, soft knee pads
  • Knee blocks
  • Crupper attachment on the wider trees

Seat sizes: 17”, 18”, 19"+ special order

Tree widths: Available in 34 cm (wide), 36 cm (extra wide) and 38 cm (extra extra wide) trees

$1959, +$100 for 19"


The Companion Foxhunter is a variation on the Companion Trail model. This saddle is useful for trail riding, since it has the same comfortable padded seat, removable knee and calf blocks and the same tree and flap design. However, with short billets and two brass D rings on the right side of the seat, in gorgeous rich brown leather, it has the right look for foxhunters, or for trail riders who want a more traditional style. I love this saddle for my young horses starting unsaddle and for jumping or trail riding the dressage horses. You could even compete at lower levels in this model.  

$2195 in 2021, +$100 for 19" and larger



The Companion is built on the Rondo tree. This saddle is fantastically comfortable which make it ideal for both pleasure trail riding and endurance riding. The wool flocked panels are easy for fitters to adjust. This saddle also works well for riders who don't like a confining seat; the lower cantle/flatter seat can work well for riders with this preference.

These are the features of this fantastically comfortable saddle which make it ideal for pleasure, trail, endurance riding, and competition:

  • Lightly quilted, soft seat, comfortable for unlimited hours
  • Extended, wide, panels distributing rider's weight over a large area
  • Textured, grained brown leather on the flaps for added grip and stability -- durable, too!
  • Long billets keeping the rider's leg comfortable
  • Lots of D rings and a crupper attachment
  • Soft bridle leather on flaps
  • Straight flap encouraging proper rider balance
  • Wool flocking for adjustability
  • Wide gullet

SPECIAL FEATURE: Removable/moveable knee and calf blocks give the utmost in flexibility to the rider! When you remove the blocks, there is a piece of shaped leather which you can attach to the velcro to keep it clean.

Seat sizes: Available in 17", 18", 19", and 20"

Tree widths: 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 cm

NOTE: This saddle also works well for gaited horses, allowing the rider to optimize use of weight aids.

Note: this saddle does not have long panels and will not encourage pressure on the horse's loins. Comfort for the horse is primary, as in the design of all Duett saddles.

$2200 in 2021, +$100 for 19"+


The Tango was designed for both trail riding and dressage, including gaited horses. It has the comfort of the Companion trail model but in black with a straight flap suitable for show.

Note: this saddle is a hybrid of the COMPANION TRAIL, having the same padded seat for comfort,  wide weight bearing panels, wide channel and a straight flap to ride with a long leg.

$2,200 in 2021, +$100 for 19"+

ALL PRICES--email me for confirmation.

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