Touchstone Acres Lipizzan & QH Breeding and Sales

We recommend pasture board for our Lipizzan horses, where they can stay moving and grazing as they would in the "wild."  This promotes our Lipizzans' good digestion, builds muscle, calms temperaments and prevents stall vices.  Our horses live outside 24x7, even young foals after their first few days.  There they grow strong and straight.

When our Lipizzan horses reluctantly come inside, there are two barns with 14 matted stalls. The terra cotta tile art deco barn has six 11x12 stalls, convertible to two double foaling stalls and two singles. Insulated buckets, hot and cold water, wireless camera and overhead heater make the perfect foaling environment. A large loft overhead stores ample hay. This former dairy barn was painstakingly renovated and made Lipizzan horse friendly.

The matching old milk parlor is our tack and feed room. A small refrigerator holds medicines and beverages; the sink has hot and cold water. An oil filled heater and heat tape prevent pipe freezing in the winter. Adjoining the parlor is a 12x12 outdoor wash stall with hot and cold water and safety ties. Even the most skittish horse is willing to stand in this open—feeling wash stall. The stone dust footing prevents slipping and helps to train Lipizzan foals to bathe quietly.

Our wooden Ll-shaped barn houses eight stalls, 12x14 or larger, convertible to two large foaling stalls plus five singles. An indoor wash rack with overhead heater and two storage rooms are under the roof. Hot and cold water are available and insulated buckets. This airy barn has a shelter opening onto the front 12 acres of pasture. This acreage is divided into three large paddocks.

Stalls and shelter

The far paddock is served by a 12x36 shelter with electricity.  Here is a winter and a summer view:

Lipizzans start out any color and most slowly turn grey.  Above are three young Lipizzans.

A small two acre paddock adjoining the red barn has a 12x36 shelter with electric, and pipe gates to form one temporary stall. (November 2003 snowfall)


The indoor riding arena is 72x145, with the covered area of 72 x 104. The open end wall and wall light panels provide a pleasant, light and airy atmosphere for all weather training for our Lipizzans.

Footing is angular concrete sand over bluestone over shale. Our indoor arena is a Lester Building erected by Bywaters Construction of Clear Spring, MD. Orion full spectrum lights cast no shadows and perfectly simulate daylight. A sound system with wireless mike and 5 CD changer set the mood for calm productive training.

One long side contains a 14 foot deep shelter for Lipizzans in the back 12 acre pasture. Water, electric and heated troughs are in all paddocks. A faucet outside the arena is available for watering the footing and rinsing off hot horses.

Adjacent to the riding hall is a 100x150 lit grass ring for those wanting to practice on turf in a small area. Behind the grass ring is a 60 foot diameter lit round pen, ideal for lungeing and starting young Lipizzans.

Behind the round pen is our lit 80x200 dressage arena, angular sand over bluestone over shale. It is enclosed by three-board oak fencing. Winter application of Mg Cl prevents icy spots.

The perimeter of the farm and the hillier, rocky areas are available for hacking at your own risk. Wild turkey, deer, fox, groundhogs, and the occasional coyote make their homes in our rougher ground. Hopewell Run crosses the far corner of our property.

Proprietors Kathleen and Glenn have over 35 years experience with horses, 10+ years’ horse and sheep breeding experience, and over 30 years of corporate experience.
• Small farm operation courses at Frederick Co., MD extension service
• Equine health seminars at local veterinary hospitals
• Members of Show Organizations (USEF, USDF, VADA/NOVA, PVDA, CDCTA,  USEA, NRHA, CORHA)
• Members of Breed Organizations (USLF, LANA, MALA, AQHA, FQHA)