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(sold) 280 Betalka V

Foaled 02/14/2001; she measures 154 cm.

Mare family: Sardinia

Approved for breeding by Dr. Jaromir Oulehla in 2008.  Betalka is available for a custom foal for you.  She has had two lovely fillies and a colt. She was approved for breeding by Dr. Oulehla.

Betalka now lives in NC with her new owner.

Mother: 138 Betalka I, born 1997at the MARC Lipizzaner Breeding Centre .   As a foal she earned high marks for conformation.  Betalka passed on her very dear, friendly, good temperament  to her daughter.

Father: 54 Siglavy Gaeta II, born 1993, Hosta.  He is the  Arabian type  with an especially good neck, front body and very correct legs.  He is an Elite breeding stallion in the Slovenian Lipizzaner Association.  Bred by Andej Hosta, he shared the first and second places in the category best stallion in the third International Championship of Lipizzaner organized by LIF that took place in Topolcianky 2002.

Betalka's pedigree is available Here.