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261 Maestoso Samira XXI [ Pedigree ]

* No longer standing but his son Maestoso Takoma is; offspring are available *

Maestoso Samira XXI, foaled in Slovenia in 2000 and imported in 2005, is a grandson of the 1984 Olympic dressage competitor Maestoso Monteaura, who also won the Grand Prix Special in Rome, 1983. Maestoso Samira XXI is sired by an Elite Stallion at the Lipica Stud, Maestoso Bonadea XIV. His dam Samira XXI is an Elite Mare, Champion of the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeders Association and Third Place Winner at the International Lipizzaner Show in Topolcianky, 1997.

Maestoso Monteaura at the Olympics

In addition to Maestoso Samira XXI’s superior bloodlines, he has a wonderful temperament and exhibits extraordinary rideability. This stallion is a true partner, working with the rider and trying to please. At his breeding evaluation in Slovenia, Maestoso Samira XXI received a score of “9” for overall richness and efficiency of movement. The regularity and rhythm of his gaits should enhance your mare’s and help produce a superior dressage prospect!  Mihko has 9" cannon bone and can add substance to your mare.

Lipizzaners have been bred for dressage for 425 years! Although noted for dressage ability, Lipizzaners have shown talent for other sport horse disciplines including driving, jumping, Pony Club, endurance trail, and even working cattle. This is your opportunity to own a rare, historical treasure once reserved for royalty. Part-bred Lipizzaners may be registered and are eligible for awards. 

Wearing his custom browband by Mad Mare Studio


"Mihko" has offspring in TN, IL, NC, VA and Canada.  There are several on the farm to see and ride.  Mihko passes on his excellent rideability.

Tempel Farms Lipizzans announced that Almira had a filly by Mihko in 3/22/07.  They describe Atina as sweet and spunky. She is now in VA working at 3rd level dressage.

Here she is in Tempel Lipizzans Foal Parade, September 8,2007, on the right

More Information

Foaled 03/28/2000, “Mihko” measures 15h. He possesses the very best European bloodlines, and provides the serious breeder a perfect opportunity to expand and improve the US gene pool.  He has good dressage ability and work ethic, with elastic  movement , and is kind enough for the amateur rider.  Mihko was imported in July 2005.

Mihko averaged over 60% in Intro and Training level schooling shows in 2006, his first shows.


• Imported Lipizzaner Stallion of World Class Dressage Bloodlines

     o By L 103 Maestoso Bonadea XIV, Elite Stallion at Stud Lipica, a  Classical          type having good movement with suspension and a long gliding phase

     o Grandson of L 580 Maestoso Monteaura, born 1973 at Stud  Lipica,                winner of Grand Prix Special in  Rome, 1983, competitor in the Olympic               Games1984 

     o Out of L 056Samira XXI, Elite Mare born at Stud Lipica

           Mare champion in Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association , 1997

           2nd Place at International Lipizzaner Show in  Aachen, and  3rd                place International Championship, 2002 in Topolcianky.

     o Foaled 2000 at Marc Lipizzaner Breeding Centre

• The best stallion presented to Slovenian breeding commission at Stud Lipica; and Best Foal of 22 presented in 2000

• 15h Barefoot

• Extremely Kind and Generous Disposition

• Foal crops:

  • In 2007, three fillies
  • In 2008, one filly
  • In 2009, two fillies
  • In 2010, a colt and a filly
  • In 2011, 1 colt