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We occasionally breed AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis  primarily for performance sports.  We use the best bloodlines for agility, rallye, obedience and herding.   We test eyes and hips and DNA test for DM to ensure healthy puppies. 

 All puppies are not at risk for DM! 

Gayheart's Miss Marple CGC last litter was 1/19/14.  Litter is sold and she is retired.

We are not breeding at this time.

Pictures below of 2011 litter:

Litter whelped 12/12/11 All puppies are not at risk for DM (degenerative myelopathy) and have parent CHIC health certifications. 


Boy Puppy

Girl Puppy

Girl Puppy





Girl#1 is my keeper from the litter

Girl#2 is sold to an agility home

Boy is sold to an obedience home

Pups are CERF normal and vaccinated

Journey's pedigree

Journey's OFA and CHIC Certifications

Journey Pictures

Miss Marple's OFA and CHIC Certifications 

Miss Marple's pedigree --if the file doesn't appear, please email for a pedigree

Miss Marple is a very active playful Corgi.  She loves fetching balls and other toys, and can play longer than you can!  But she settle when you need a rest.  Miss Marple is very intelligent and loves games that make her think.  She enjoys training in Rally-O and obedience too.  She comes from the wonderful Gayhearts Corgis, who excel at all performance disciplines. 

Gayheart Corgis

Favorite Sleeping Poses:

Miss Marple as a Puppy: